Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've Been Tag by Julie (juliatyz.fotopages.com)

Hahaha kene tag by Julie..
Ni syarat2nya... so aku x nak kene sumpah jadi Princess Frog yang comey layanzzzzzzzzzz je la...

You are being tagged! The rules are to upload the 5th photo from the 5th folder on your computer.
I am told that you turn into a frog if you break the rule.

Then, the person you tag, tags 5 more people!
Please add your tagged photo to the "I've Been Tagged

This is 5th photo inside 5th folder in my laptop..
The folder name 'BdayBeey2007'
Dah lama pic ni..
Masa berday en somi saya tahun lepas lagi...
Inside the kotak ade Baju Melayu sepasang, sampin songket, Converse Shirt n Converse Cap..

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