Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophie Kinselle Collection

Beli 2 lagi collection Sophie Kinsella's Book...
X abes lg baca.. bz..
Thanks to my frens yg tlg belikan kat Mesra Mall hari tu..
Sadly.. Confession of Shopaholic xde la kat sini... and yg paperbag edition pun xde...

Shopaholics Takes Manhattan.. Kuciwa xde Paperbag edition

New from Sophie Kinsella :: REMEMBER ME
I wish i have an extra time to finish it...

All.. likesss dia nye cover yang gedix2..

My Collections.. Knape lah xde MPH / Popular kat KT ni?

Monday, November 3, 2008


Lepas balik pegi XXX hari tu singgah kat Mesra Mall (which is own by Petronas) kat Kerteh
Banyk lg shopping outlet yg x bukak..
Yahoo!! Big Apple pun ada.. will open coming soon!!!
JCo x nak bukak ke kat sini???
Ade la alasan nak ke Kerteh selalu ye Beey???

Cuma sempat grab ni je kat Popular Book Store..

Need to practice becoz i want to be a great cooker hahaha

and this
Shopaholic Paperbag Version : Shopaholic & Baby.
Very very interesting.. owh i love to be Becky.. I wish i can shopping like her

I love this book.. and dlm process nak collect semua Shopaholic series.. Becky i'll find you!!!
And Beey grab some 'private tiny stuff' for him ;-)

This gedix bookmark was given by Reader's Digest.
Errr but not so gedix becoz its BLUE not PINK!!!

Others SHOPAHOLIC SERIES by Sophie Kinsella (err i like to collect it in Paperbag version since its look fab) :